Modern colours in modern construction

You can take a look at the latest colours available in our roller shutter system. Details can be found HERE.

More details can be found here Products -> External Rollers.

Aluminium garage doors with a large range of finishings

The door basis to cover the design features of the facade create a profile frame and aluminum panels filled with polyurethane foam. The door is mounted on horizontal profiles; also available are vertical mounting profiles, which easily attach to the finishing material of the facade without being seen. You can choose from a range of finishings according to your style, including: wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and other more.

Pergola (RENSON SYSTEM) provides maximum sun protection and water resistance

The structure is a painted aluminium – with the possibility of a unilateral fixing on either the wall or the ceiling, with a supporting profile fixed to the ground. Opening and closing the pergola is a simple and smooth process thanks specially designed timing belt and ball bearings


Imperoll has for several years been a major company in the roller blind production market, external roller blinds, gates and awnings. Due to our excellent production system and our passion for what we do , we are able to produce high-quality products on the basis of world standards and proven technology.



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