A great solution with a functional and asthetical finish, our cassette roller blind comes in various finishes to match your interior decor. An easy to install PVC cassette houses the blind whilst the PVC guide keep the blind within the contour of the window glazing. The catridge is adhered the frame with a strong but safe adhesive strip, preventing damage to the frame or window. The matching guides are attached in the same way but to the glazing bead, providing complete privacy and protection when you have your blind closed.

Like our B9/B9 Mini system, this blind comes in a cassette case with guides. The main difference between the two is the finishing and size. Our B7 blind is finished in a high quailty alumium cassette as too are the guides. The cartidge is attached with a strong and safe adhesive strip preventing damage to the frame or the windows; the guides are attached in the same way.

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Available Mechanism Colours:

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System min. width
max width
max height
B 7* 500 2100 2200
B 11 500 1500 1800

* The maximum length depends on the thickness of the fabric


Imperoll has for several years been a major company in the roller blind production market, external roller blinds, gates and awnings. Due to our excellent production system and our passion for what we do , we are able to produce high-quality products on the basis of world standards and proven technology.



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