IMPEROLL Est. 1999 – Our company has now been an active and successful business for over 16 years. Starting our business in Poland, as we grew we began exporting our products across EUROPE and now we have a successful network of clients in many countries including France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Latvia & Estonia to name a few. We offer blinds to cater for all, from roller blinds, facade blinds, awnings, and insect screens, to refleksol, garage doors and industrial products. In our range is an extended choice of colours, finishing’s and modern design in both systems and fabrics; this ensures that our blind availability can suit the interior or exterior of any property.

Our appropriate machinery and qualified staff enable our company to develop continuously and also to raise quality standards. All of this bundled together with our experience and will to succeed allows us to achieve the priorities that matter to us including, high quality products, customer satisfaction and professional service.

We welcome all customers, individual, wholesale and local businesses to co-operate with us.


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Imperoll has for several years been a major company in the roller blind production market, external roller blinds, gates and awnings. Due to our excellent production system and our passion for what we do , we are able to produce high-quality products on the basis of world standards and proven technology.



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