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A collection of selected realizations made by our company.

Roman blinds in a modern single-family house

The Roman blind returns to favor. Works great in any construction industry. It is an alternative to standard curtains. A wide range of fabric types and colors makes it easy to match to any type of interior. Our implementation with the use of roman blinds shows that it is a universal and timeless product that will be perfect for both the bathroom and the living room or kitchen

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Roller blind type screen and garage gates.

We present a great project related to window covers and garage doors. In this project, screen roller blinds were used both on the windows and on the skylight, thanks to this on sunny days staying on the terrace becomes a pure pleasure.

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Roof module and garage doors

Modern construction requires modern solutions. An example of this is the roof and wall module presented below. Thanks to this, the terrace can be arranged in many ways - open roof when we need more natural light, closed when looking for cooling in the shade or any in intermediate positions. The same is true for the side wall.

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Mesh rolling gate

Below we present the perfect application of the electrically operated mesh roller gate. The perfect solution for shops, boxes in shopping malls.

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Gdynia Business Incubator

Verticals and roller blinds in traditional fabrics are perfect for office buildings. In Gdynia Business Incubator, we installed these two types of window covers and a garage door. Vertical blinds and traditional roller blinds are a perfect solution for rooms with many windows, and the garage door with optical signaling system works well, for example, in an underground car park.

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Awnings with additional equipment

Stylish awning on the terrace? Definitely yes! Here, in addition to two automatically opened awnings with the Somfy drive, a heater and lighting are also used. It is the perfect complement to the terrace, which becomes a place for family meetings also on cooler evenings and days.

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Wooden blinds, for offices and more.

Blinds, wooden or aluminum, allow you to precisely regulate the amount of light entering. It is a perfect solution for both designer interiors of modern offices and traditional single-family houses. The blinds are universal, the buyer can choose not only the color, but also the width of the slats or decorative accessories. See our implementation below and read about this product in the tab: SHUTTERS

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Roman blinds in a set with a pleated blind

An increasingly popular solution for our windows is the combination of two types of covers on one window. Well-chosen colors complement each other. One cover can have a decorative function, and the other - protection against the sun and the temperature outside. See, maybe this is the solution for you!

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A mosquito net is a perfect solution for the sum

Probably everyone likes to enjoy the fresh air from the outside. It has to be abandoned many times because of mosquitoes and other insects. Thanks to the use of mosquito nets, this problem ceases to exist. Below we present a version for balcony doors.

Industrial gates in post-shipyard buildings

Below we present one of our projects related to industrial doors. The task is interesting because the gates were installed in old post-shipyard buildings, which, after revitalization, are the headquarters of the Elcen company. Anthracite gates blend in perfectly with both the modern façade and the old brick of the walls.

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A prestigious office building in Gdynia

Shutters, screens, roller blinds in a cassette ... are the products that you will find in our offer. You can see the visual effects of installing such blinds below - it is one of the investments in Gdynia. These types of blinds are ideal solutions for office buildings where the number and size of windows is important. The ease of use is very important in this case, the shutters can be controlled with a remote control or smartphone application.

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Italia awnings in the Gdansk Garrison

We present you another interesting project, this time outdoor. We installed Italia awnings on one of the buildings of the Garnizon complex in Gdańsk.