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Sectional gates

We offer sectional garage doors from leading manufacturers: Krispol, Wiśniowski, Hormann – to choose from a collection of classic and modern designs.
A wide range of colors allows you to match their appearance and style to the building facade, windows or external roller shutters.
The drives used in these gates are equipped with an overload switch as standard, which lifts the gate by approx. 10 cm when it meets resistance.
The automatic gate can also be equipped with a photocell that will prevent the gate from closing if there is an obstacle in its light.

The door opening mechanism allows for efficient use of space both in the garage and in front of it – the door opens vertically upwards, and when opened, it is located right under the ceiling.
Five types of guides allow for the perfect adjustment of the mechanism to the specificity of the garage.

Side doors are an extremely practical solution, quick access to the interior of the garage, without having to open the entire garage door. Complementing the aesthetics of the building facade, we offer side doors in almost every color of the gate pattern, thanks to which a coherent whole is created.

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