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Pleated blinds are one of the most interesting solutions in the field of interior shades. They are not only aesthetic, but also functional and modern. Our offer includes over 360 colors of fabrics. An additional advantage is the ability to cover any part of the window.
The pleated blinds can be installed in two ways.
Installed invasively to the glazing bead in the glass or on the surface.
The second method of installation is non-invasive in the light of the glass, using the Type B hanger or non-invasive, surface-mounted, using the Type A hanger.
We currently offer 16 variants of pleated blinds for various types and shapes of windows.

– Elegant design and functionality
– Anodized colors (including anthracite, champagne, olive),
– Convenient profile handle (“handle”),
– Clicked into the profile on the hooks – which prevents the pleated blinds from falling

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