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Zip screen

The VS Z system is a modern and energy-saving Zip Screen system. It is used both in single-family houses and commercial buildings, especially in schools, office and residential buildings.

The VS Z system consists of a screen-type fabric material that transmits light. The system is installed in front of the window (outside). By reflecting sunlight, it enables the reduction of solar radiation by up to 75%, without having to give up natural daylight. In this way, we limit the heating of the rooms and obtain a pleasant atmosphere for work, home activities or rest.

The sun protection system allows for savings due to lower costs of cooling and heating rooms, as both the inflow and outflow of heat are reduced. At the same time, UV radiation is filtered by up to 98%.

Other advantages of the system:
– Shading up to 6 m wide and 15 square meters of space
-Exceptional resistance to weather conditions and low maintenance requirements
-Feeding the fabric with a zipper attached to the fabric
-Electronic motor drive
-Control by hand switch or radio.

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