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Vertical blinds – VERTICAL

VERTICAL BLIND ideal for windows with a large area, it works great as a screening system for a living room or office. Simple operation and adjustment of the angle of incidence of light allow you to let as much sun into the room as you need.
We offer two widths of belts: vertical 127mm and vertical 89mm, plus a wide range of fabrics, allowing for an interesting interior design. Easy installation under the ceiling or with the use of angle bars – to the wall and the possibility of adjusting the product at an angle make it a product tailored to each window.

There are three basic types
Package on the left – type A – the fabric is opened from left to right.
Package on the right – type B – the fabric is opened from right to left.
Right / left package (the so-called curtain) – type C – fabric stripes are on both sides and extend inwards like a curtain.

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